Thursday, March 14, 2013

1 Month

A month ago today our lives were forever changed.  Katy’s recovery has been incredible. Dr. Blume  told us  that kids waiting for transplants fall on a scale between those that may not survive the surgery to those that will thrive and go on to play soccer. She has always assured us that Katy was on the soccer end of the spectrum.  I never expected that Katy would be ready to play soccer one month post transplant.  ( NO SHE IS NOT PLAYING SOCCER… yet)

Since Katy has been home she has been thriving and doing wonderful.  I am happy to report that she had her second biopsy and has ZERO rejection. Her immunosuppressant levels have been solid.  All great news. 

As for the rest of us Murphy’s… oh, we are loving life and breathing easy for the first time in years.  We are very excited and hopeful to get back to normal and it’s nice to see some of that already happening.  Katy still requires a lot of care ( intense med schedule and LOTS of appointments) but, it is just so much easier to deal with. 

I would like to share with you a video that my cousin Paula made for Katy.  It is gorgeous, and she is much quicker than me!

I still have have some more to share from our very special day… but I wanted to give you a current update. 

I we celebrate this milestone please pray for our donor family.  I imagine that this is a very difficult milestone for them. 




lmpd0617 said...

That is such wonderful news about Katie's second biopsy! I have been following your family for years. My daughter was born with HLHS in 2010 and actually just needed a transplant this past November. I actually felt like following Katie's story helped me prep for a road I didn't even know we would be on so early in Olivia's life.

Ami said...

Such exciting updates! And, definitely praying for the donor's family. What an incredible gift they've given you and your family during such a difficult time for them. Do you know anything about the donor?

Sharon W said...

Hello Murphys! Amiee... this has all made me just SO HAPPY! And, as you know - we await Katy with open arms at dancin' school...recital season craziness or not - come visit...come visit...come visit and STAY! :) Love you all!

DrClaire said...

Love to you all. Now that I have found your blog, can't wait for updates. In my prayers. Dr. Claire