Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to waiting…

We made our way back and met up with the family. We headed to the surgical waiting room at 630 AM we were the first ones there so we set up our “space” TV, comfy chairs, lots of plugs for the many electronics.

We nervously chatted.  I was once again reminded of the differences of men and women.  My dad sat outside of our “area” to read…Mike stuck his nose in his computer and Tracy, Krissy & I chatted.   Eventually we settled in too our own electronics.  I logged on to Facebook and was surprised to see that Mike who is not one to post on Facebook had been giving the play by play on Katy’s day.  So sweet.   The amazing support from our friends and family across the globe was so encouraging. 

The nurses and doctors were amazing about coming up to talk to us,every step of the way.  Thankfully they always had reassuring words for us.  Katy was doing great.

At one point I laid down and put a blanket over my head… in hopes of sleeping to pass the time.  Or maybe just to “hide” for a little bit. 

At 9: 15 the nurse liaison came to tell us that the new heart was in and that it could take up to 45 minutes for them to warm up Katy and get the heart beating. Another 45 minutes?  You would think that after years of waiting this would be easy… but it wasn’t. Finally I said “ I am going to go to the bathroom and that is a surefire way to get more info” Sure enough I went to the bathroom and Dr. Blume was out in her scrubs to tell us that the heart was in and beating and all was wonderful.

My dad was the closest to me and we hugged and we cried and we both just felt pure joy and happiness.  Mike was across the room (my guess updating FB) and Krissie and Tracy had went in search of a bathroom.


Now we just have to wait to see our girl! The surgeon Dr.Fynn Thompson has assured us that everything has gone fantastic.  It could not have been a better heart or surgery!  So Blessed.


Cate P said...

Hi Murphy family,

I hope it's ok to post this, I don't want to sound stalkerish.......:)

I read about Katy and your kindness to other heart parents on another website and have been checking in every once and a while.

I am so happy to see that Katy is on her way to getting healthy. Best of luck to her on her road to recovery. Your family will still be in my prayers.


Cate P said...

Hi Murphy Family,

I found Katy's story (and your kindness to another parent) mentioned on a website about a year ago.

I've never posted before but I just wanted to say that I am glad to read that Katy is on her road to recovery. May she continue to heal without issues!!!


Jennifer S said...

i dont know how i missed your posts on FB about the updates on th blog.....BUT THANK YOU!! Thank you for giving us an "in" on that day....i had SOOOO many friends praying for her her and you!! AMAZING gift you have given us!! I get chills reading your words Aimee!