Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back on 8 South CICU

(This post contains photos of Katy while she was intubated)

I was excited, and scared to see Katy.  As surprising as it is Katy has never had open heart surgery.  She was never a candidate.  So although I knew what to expect ( I have seen many other children post op) and I have seen Katy intubated, I was worried about seeing her chest open. I was afraid to see my baby girl in pain. 

Thankfully, I prepared myself for the worst and she looked so much better than I imagined.  Because, this heart was so very perfect for her the surgeon was able to close her chest and she looked so comfortable and peaceful.


The plan is for Katy to stay on full support for the first 36-48 hours  Thankfully, the pressures in her lungs are much lower than we were expecting, and her lungs seem to be adjusting to her new heart.  The team is being very cautious, and the next 48 hours are crucial.

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