Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Today was meet the teacher… as in meet Katy’s KINDERGARTEN teacher.  KINDERGARTEN.  How is it that this little girl is ready for Kindergarten.


But boy, is she ready… more than ready.  She is so excited and can’t wait for tomorrow.  She ADORES her teacher Mrs. Curry who is the epitome of the kindergarten teacher.  She is kind and sweet and has a great hand washing routine.  She is aware of Katy’s special heart and respects that there are no limitations.   All of my fears were quickly put at ease when I learned that Mrs. C. herself is dealing with a bit of immunosuppressant herself.  So she is very familiar of all the risks and fears and things that we are watching for to help keep Katy as safe as possible. 

I found it funny, maybe a bit annoying of the people who felt that as if Miss Katy hasn’t been singled out enough that for some reason she wasn’t entitled to a free and safe public education.  When the words were first stated.  That stung and I waited to respond.  I just can’t believe that someone could believe that their unvaccinated children had more of a right to be in a public school.  I know for Kate… It would be the worst thing we could do for her.  She needs to be away from Mike and I … She has spent much to much time with both of us for most of her life.  Not just in the sense of normal  interaction parents  with parents as many children have with their parents.  Given Katy’s medical needs she is with Mike and I a lot.  More so I can’t believe that they on some level think that they have the right to tell Mike and I what to do for Katy.  We have been making these decisions alone for the last 5 years and so far I’d say we have done very well.  Given that she was a baby we were told to terminate. 

I will have official back to school pictures posted tomorrow. If you get nothing else from my vaccination post RANT… please leave with this… There are 20 + kids in your child’s classroom add a teacher or two… if your child is sick be courteous and keep your child home.  No one wants your germs… especially my kid… because while most kids can fight it off with a day or two in front of the TV chances are she is headed to the ICU where we will pray by her bed side that the runny nose that some mom thought was no big deal doesn’t kill our baby girl.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you're referring to my comment about homeschooling, given that I was the only one who made that comment.

Amiee, I did not in any way tell you what YOU should be doing. I quite clearly stated what MY choice would be for MY child, were I to be in a similar situation and I stated why that would be MY decision.

I then went on to emphasize that only you can make those choices for Katy based on your comfort level.

As for the comment about who's child has more right to be in class...again I ask you. If my 5 yr old son, who has a history of seizures (and as a result, WE have chosen to delay all further vax for a time) and your 5 yr old daughter were to be enrolled in the same class, or group activity...who has more right to be there?

Or...does it really need to come down to a matter of "right to be there"? It was your comment that non vaxd kids shouldn't be allowed in the schools that led to that whole discussion.

I thought we had more or less come to an agreement that as parents, we can work together to ensure that both of our children have their needs met...educational needs, medical needs, etc. So I'm a little surprised to see some of what is written here.


Lisa Pantera said...

If all school athletic programs now require athletes to pass physicals to ensure there are no unknown medical conditions before children can participate in organized sports then I don't know why there shouldn't be a requirement that to attend at least public schools - children have to have the standard vaccinations up to date. Measles, Polio some cases this would prohibit a transplanted patient from attending as well because post transplant no live vaccinations can be given.

Anonymous said...

Yes it would. It would also prohibit students who have immune deficiencies and cannot have the vaccines. It would also prohibit students who have reactions to the vaccines and cannot have them.

Barring kids based on their vaccination status means quite a few kids would be prohibited from school. That's a problem, isn't it?

Lisa Pantera said...

Overall I would say the exclusion of a minority (including even my own daughter post-transplant if she couldn't get properly vaccinated) is better than risking the majority.

There's never going to be a policy that protects 100% of every demographic. Those who opt out of vaccines either belief wise or because of a medical condition may very well be faced with home-schooling as the only option in the future. It seems that's a healthier and safer way to protect school age children than risking an outbreak of an almost extinct condition because vaccines can't or weren't given as a preventative measure.

Again, I realize that this could some day require my daughter to be home schooled but I understand that is to protect other children who could get vaccinated.

Amiee said...

Crystal- The comment was not meant for you in particular. Trust me your were NOT the only person to suggest we home school Katy. We had many family members suggest that...mostly out of fear. Because as you said and many others that is the best way to ensure Katy's safety. But, the reality is Katy could and most likely will catch something on a trip to Target or her little brother will bring it home from school. It is what it is... Katy has good hand washing skills and the truth is she is going to get sick.

As far as the vaccines go... on some level we are going to have to agree to disagree... although really I don't think we disagree all that much...given that I have already stated that when there is a medical issue obviously vaccines shouldn't be given (ie. your sons seizures and Katy's post transplant status) that is when I believe and hope that the "herd" effect would be beneficial as long as others who are healthy and able are being vaccinated.
I hope that all parents will be understanding and work with me as you did with the other family. No child should be an outcast for reasons out of their control.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we mostly agree, lol. I didn't want you thinking I was one of those know-it-all moms trying to tell you what you should do for Katy. I respect the reasons you guys have chosen to enroll her, and to be honest, I completely understand that side of it.

As for the vaccines...unfortunately, my son's medical history does NOT qualify him for a vaccine exemption because his seizures cannot be linked to the vaccines (and I'm not sure they were related...we chose to delay further vax because the list of side effects includes seizures and we don't see the need to increase his risk of having another one).

We homeschool for a variety of reasons, so its a moot point for us...but if we ever needed to enroll our son, we'd be forced to vaccinate him against our better judgement, because he can't get the medical exemption. And that's kind of my's not right that anybody should be forced to inject their child in order to receive a public school education. At least, its not right when one considers that we are required to educate our children, whether its via public school, private school or homeschool. If we couldn't homeschool...then what?

Anyways, I apologize for the diatribe, and I'm particularly sorry that your family has pressured you. It is your and Mike's decision...period. And you guys are doing a wonderful job with her. :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't vaccinate. I never will after my son was severely ill following a vaccine. He is medically exempt and I will NOT be bullied into risking his health because you feel entitled.

Vaccines are full of nasty chemicals, have relatively large failure rates, are known to cause illness and even the illness that they were vaccinated for. He can also catch any illness the vaccinated children are carrying. I shouldn't argue as we are obviously very different in our opinions. I was just irritated that you basically blame this on unvaccinated children when hey vaccinated children as JUST as dirty grimey and full of germs as anyone else