Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Lots of new routines.  New schedules. More commitments.  Overflowing To Do Lists. Full Calendars. 

Our lives are no longer our own.  Kindergarten is a whole new ball game.  Oh, yeah that’s right our girl…  this one right here:

Playground 9 - 11-04

Yeah… she started Kindergarten!


I know… I blinked and that happened.  Not really but sometimes it feels like it… and sometimes it feels like it took FOREVER to get her to this point.  But, here she is.  Healthy happy and loving life in Kindergarten. 

Oh and this little man…


you know my baby.  He has started Pre K and all of a sudden it is like a switch has gone off and he is printing all his letters and sounding out words…he is only 4.


With new school routines come a whole slew of other routines… we have dance class and soccer.  Need to sign up for Girl Scouts and Sunday School.  Their time is no longer only our time.  I mentioned I started working part time (very part time) I give props to you full time working outside of the house mamas.  I have no idea how you make it all work. 


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Rebecca said...

The kids look so cute Aimee! Love those smiling faces.