Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Snapshot of our Christmas

Our Christmas was lovely! Absolutely lovely.  Mike’s request was to stay home this Christmas.  No running around from place to place.  Which truth be told made me a little sad.  Sometimes the unknown and a break in tradition can be stressful.  When in actuality it was nothing but perfection. 

Some of our favorites!


Our favorite gifts in 2013

Patrick:  Batman Lego 2 Xbox game

Kathryn:  Tough decisions… toss up between the Barbie Dream House and the Crayola Jewelry kit

Me:  my new lens for my camera 18-135 Loving it so far

Mike:  I asked him 3 times I am not sure he give me a final answer.  He is pretty pumped about his New Stephen King book… but I think the new knife set may be the winner.

Some of our favorite moments:

Patrick: Logan and Mason and Connor playing

Katy: Uncle Cousin Johnny Boy Coming

Mike:  My wife being happy and having a great day.

Me:  Hosting our First Christmas.  It was so lovely being home and surrounded by family.  Pure happiness.


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