Thursday, December 19, 2013

Goodbye 5…Hellooooo 6!

That has been what Katy has been telling me all week.  Partly to tease me…she knows I want her to stay my baby forever and partly because she is super excited it’s her birthday! Birthdays are exciting!

No, I have no idea how we went from this:

Easter Outfits-066

to this:

Playground 3-14-39

to this:


to this:


To This:


To This:


Katy is nothing short of a miracle… but she is so much more.  She is smart, and funny. She is kind. She has a great sense of humor.  She is pretty easy going. She is so creative… she loves to create.  Which makes this mama very happy!

Katy has been through more in her six years of life than most of us adults have and yet has a beautiful smile on her face each and every day.  She LOVES school.  She LOVES dance.  She is working on beginning reading and it is just amazing to hear her vocabulary explode each day. 

Katy may seem a bit reserved at first glance, but once you get to know her you quickly realize she is anything but. 

As I sit here typing this… I just kissed my baby girl goodnight for the last time as a five year old.  Of course like most moms I sometimes wish time would stand still.  I often think what I wouldn’t give to go back and have just one day with this little sweetie:

Yellow Spring Coat-14

But then I wouldn’t have my funny, sassy side kick!


Of course we can’t celebrate this milestone without thinking of Katy’s donor.  Because I am pretty certain that without that amazing generous gift…our girl wouldn’t be here for us to sing Happy Birthday to tomorrow.  I still can’t even believe that just a year ago… that was such a real possibility.  I really believed that last year was going to be Katy’s last birthday.  Now I am confident that because of this amazing gift we will have lots of Happy Birthdays with our sweet baby girl.  


So excited to see what this next year brings for our sweet girl!

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