Sunday, February 02, 2014

If it wasn’t for bad Luck…

we would have NO luck! My goodness I tell you! The luck of the Irish… skipped us and all we are stuck with is Murphy’s F#$%ing law. 

Seriously as much as I hate the Flu… and as much as I hate the “It’s viral” diagnosis.  I would have welcomed either one of them yesterday. But, nope! This is Katy and she does not get something as simple as the Flu. Oh, no Go big or go home… or in this case earn yourself a weeks stay in the hospital.

So unbeknownst to me at the time of my last blog post and my previous facebook updates.  The big concern was that Katy was at risk of going septic based on her high white blood count, her high fever and her high heart rate in the 160s even in the 170s for a bit even once her fever broke. 

The labs drawn on Friday grew bacteremia (bacteria in the blood) from the strep family…source unknown.  They are treating it with a super IV antibiotic  to try and cover whatever it may be.  Once they can zero in on what it is they will consult with infectious disease to see if there is an oral antibiotic so that we can go home.  The good news is… she has bounced back JUST as quick as this nasty bug took her down.  She is no longer on precautions ( no flu) so she is back to ruling 8 East.  The labs that they took on Saturday didn’t grow anything as of today so that tells us that the antibiotics are working, but you can tell that by looking at her.



I was missing bubba something fierce and he was really disappointed when I said we weren’t going to Auntie Dar’s Super Bowl Party.  So Mike and I decided it would be good for him (and me) if I left and picked him up and went there for a bit.  He was so happy when I surprised him with that and I even got an “You’re the best mommy ever”

However, leaving Katy is never easy and you would think by now I could handle it but the moment the elevator door closes I burst in to tears.  I hate leaving her.  I know she is having a blast with daddy and it is important that she have time with daddy and Patrick have time with me…. but it is horrible.

So hopefully we will have some news tomorrow and a plan that we can all live in. 

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