Friday, January 31, 2014

Ka Ka Ka Katy!

Your timing is impeccable.


You wanted to kick off HEART month right here on the cardiac floor of Childrens Hospital.  Seriously?! I am thinking we all could have sported a red shirt tomorrow and it would have been enough… but not Kate… remember she is the one who got her heart transplant on February 13 2013 ( yes almost a YEAR ago) in honor of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness although she was certain not to have to share the day with Valentine’s Day.

Anyway a quick recap.  Oh you know life was going too well for us! So life threw us a curve ball… just to make sure we were awake… we are and we are bunting that ball.  ( OK I have no idea where the baseball metaphor came from I blame it on my longing for Spring and the fact the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report in 15 DAYS!)

Katy has had a runny nose (clear but runny sometimes stuffy) I call it the plague of Kindergarten.  We took her to the pediatrician on Wednesday to ensure that her previous ear infections had cleared completely.  The reason for this visit was that we had noticed that she was having an extremely difficult time hearing us and no it was not just selective hearing.   Pediatrician said that she still had fluid but no infection and everything else seemed fine.

Went to school on Thursday, school nurse called at 1pm to report that Katy’s gym teacher said that she seemed a bit “off” and was rather pale and that she took her 02 sats and they were 99 but that Katy didn’t seem like herself.  Mike went to pick her up and the moment they walked in the door I knew something was up.  Katy was extremely lethargic and felt as though she was on fire.  She immediately fell asleep the moment she laid down on the couch.  I took her temp and it was 103.7.  Gave her Tylenol and let her rest.  She woke up around 5pm and was hungry had a little dinner and then asked to go to bed.  Retook her temp at 6pm right back up gave more Tylenol.  Decided to have her sleep in my bed so I could keep an eye on her and give her Tylenol around the clock if needed.  She needed and had another dose at 130 and although she was mouth breathing she sounded good from a respiratory point so I wasn’t too worried at this point.  But when I woke up at 530 to Mike taking her temp and another 103.4 reading I thought we should call… Mike thought we should wait until 7 and we did and the team said head in and we did…smack dab in rush hour traffic.  We dropped Patrick off at school and Katy and I slept as Mike navigated his way to the hospital.  One plus is that post heart transplant and a 104 fever fast tracks you through the ER. 

Blood Draw – Typical white blood count etc. CMV… regular labs for levels etc. ect.

Nose Swab- Possible Flu I highly doubt it.

Wait for results before we make a plan

Results come back her White Blood Cell is extremely high so something is brewing question is, is it viral or bacterial? or the Flu waiting for transplant attending to decide what they want to do (at this point I know we are being admitted and I try to gently break the news to Katy)

Yup we are admitted to start IV antibiotics… IV was a traumatic event for all involved most especially Kate and it looked like an episode of Dexter when they were done I mean really.

Finally up to the floor… gorgeous suite on the new wing. YAY for small things. Best part the kitchen isn’t locked so I don’t have to bother the busy nurses every hour when I need ICE!

Up here tell the story for the umpteenth time Mike goes to get Patrick to bring to my mom and George! (Thank you mom and George don’t know what we would do without you! love you!)

Katy loses said IV and nurse and I squabble over putting another one in… needless to say Kate doesn’t have an IV in as of right now.  We can deal with that in the morning when it is actually needed for the meds.  Pokes cause her so much stress and anxiety and I was not putting her through that again  after the miserable time they have had today.

Echo was good… lungs look and sound good… heart sounds good.  My guess viral and we will go home on Sunday feeling good as new!

Thanks for the love and prayers your texts and messages on FB are much appreciated and bring me peace at the end of a day like today. 




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