Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I find myself trying to find balance both in the figuratively and literal sense of the word. It seems it has been a great topic of conversation within myself.  Oddly enough Real Simple Magazine had many great articles on the very thing I was struggling with. The entire issue was related to Balance. Finding it physically, mentally and emotionally.  It was the first magazine I read from cover to cover… it was as though it was written to me for me.

I have so much I want to do… my to do list is a mile long and I am often intimidated by it which often truth be told has led me to be detracted by something else.

So how do we balance it all… How can I be the PTA Mom, the loving mommy with home baked cookies, the mommy not begging her husband to take Katy to labs so I can sleep in.  The wife who can stay up past 11PM to cuddle up and watch a movie with my husband… and cook a dinner that may require more than a microwave.  Add to that time to exercise and do the things that I want to do… I am left with a HUGE to do list and at the end of the day which leaves me frustrated and annoyed and wondering what the heck did I do with my day. 

So instead of ending my day on that note… as I have for every single night for as long as I can remember I am going to end it with a What did I do today?  Maybe it didn’t get crossed off my to do list but I am pretty certain I did something with the 14 hours I have been up for.

1. I made Patrick lunch (3 times) man that boy can eat.

2 I played a game of Candy land and won

3 I listed unwanted craft supplies for sale both gaining our family money and space'

4. I talked to my mama

5 I organized our cookie orders and prepared for delivery day

6. Organized my scrap desk

7. Worked on getting the ball rolling on some changes for this very blog space.

8. Printed and practiced Sight Words with K & P

So yeah on any other day I would have thought I was a lazy sloutch… after looking at what I did today! Maybe I did bake homemade cookies and maybe I am writing this as Mike sits across from me staring at the ipad… but we are together in the same room.  I am feeling OK…and tomorrow is another day!

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