Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

What a gorgeous Easter Sunday we had.  The weather was perfect.  I can’t remember an Easter when it was this nice out.  I remember Easter’s with SNOW…not beautiful Sunny 80 degree weather. 

Given our usual crazy New England weather…Easter Egg hunts growing up always took place in the living room.  Given our unusual balmy weather, Mike and I decided that it might be a nice to have the Easter Bunny hide the eggs in Papa’s yard. 

So that is what we did.  After church we headed to Papa’s to see where the bunny hid all the eggs.  Kathryn quickly got the hang of it, and had a great time searching for eggs all over the yard.  ( We actually had to re-hide a few for her)  Patrick didn’t really understand the concept, but had fun chasing his sister around. 

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