Monday, April 26, 2010

Testing on my new blog & Signature!

Tell me what you think… about my new look.

There might be a prize in it for you ;)


Nicole said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Amiee!!! It is gorgeous!

RoadTripJill said...

That is really cute.

Meg Halter said...

Looks great Amiee! Love the colors.

Cathy said...

Super cute Amiee. I love your whole blog layout. Did you design it yourself? I love how you have the tabs at the top for different topics. I would love to know how you did that.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! The colors and pics are all so vibrant and happy! Very positive feel to it. Can't wait to get recipes! Hey, just can vent and because it's so cute it will be a happy, cute bitch out!!!! GREAT IDEA!!! It must have taken a lot of work! Bellissimo!!!
Love YOU! Kris XOXO

Kristyna said...

HEHE, I love prizes ;] But I love the new layout & your signature. Its so springy! Makes me smile. I love the pictures of the kids toooooo!!! I miss you all! Now I need to go blog myself, I havent in like a month =X

Xo H&K!