Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Day 13

Today I am thankful for sleep. I love to sleep. I require a minimum of 8 hours, ideally 10 is best! I know… Mike on the other hand gets by on a measly 4-6 hour block. I’ll never know how he does that. I am thankful that my children sleep. I don’t share that often, as I am afraid I will run the risk of not having any friends. Kathryn and Patrick have always been great sleepers.

Kathryn slept through the night from day one. We would have to WAKE her up to feed every 3 hours. I attributed this to her being a preemie. I think Kathryn’s first 6 months of life… I got the least amount of sleep in my entire life. At the time I was nursing/pumping/supplementing. Feeding her was a good 2 hour cycle. You do the math!

Once we got over that hump. I went back to a semi normal sleep schedule I would nurse Katy head to bed…Mike would take the 3AM feeding and she was good until 8.

Then came Patrick. Another great sleeper…who also loved to eat! Patrick was exclusively nursed for 10 months. So in the beginning he ate every 2-3 hours AROUND the clock. Again, nursing exclusively so Mike could no longer take that 3AM feeding.

Now both kids go down by 7:30 and get up sometimes as late as 9AM!

For that I am thankful.

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