Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 2011 Admission Day 1 10-26-2011

WOW… It’s amazing I can catch my breath… at the rate things change around here.

I am writing this from the oh so comfortable  crappy bedside pullout bed.  Watching Katy’s monitor as she sleeps oh so comfortably.  She is really so amazing.  Amazing I have no other way to describe just how wonderful and strong and awesome she is.  I could not be more proud of her.  Every. single. day is a blessing.  Even the days we are stuck in Children’s!

If you have been following the blog… you may wonder what the heck happened or changed that landed us in good old CHB!

Well, really nothing changed… we all just had the night to reflect and as I was up pondering Kate’s fate and what the best course of action would be…so was Dr. Blume… As I was paging Dr. Blume to say I think we should come in sooner or later…she was looking up my number to say that Halloween is over rated and we really should come in sooner then later.  It has only taken us a year to get to this point when we are all on the same page at roughly the same time.  We all have a common goal we want what is best for Katy. 

So at 1pm…Blume told us to head to the ER to be admitted.   We packed, we called,we made sure Patrick was all set to set to stay with Papa & Nana Tracy and we were off….

4 hours later we were settled in a room.

Katy’s Potassium levels had dramatically increased to normal range.  No known reason… this makes treating her Congestive Heart Failure….since to treat that we need to up her diuretics which we were not able to do with the low potassium.  This is all great news and I can only speculate that it had something to do with the prayers and kind words that flooded our family today. 

It was so amazing  to know you were all “with” us today and loving our girl from all over the world.

Currently Katy is getting an IV dose of Lasix and is sleeping soundly…no coughing… stats look great!  

Not sure where we will go from here… will have to wait for rounds tomorrow!!

Katy's Facebook Page reached over 1000 fans!! WOOHOO!!! I can’t wait to tell her.  She loves to see her name in print so I think she will think it is cool to see her name & pictures flashed all over the computer. 




Dirt Road Quilter said...

How did I miss that Katie has a FB page? Popping over there now. Stepping up prayers for your sweet, amazing girl and for you. I would really like to send something small to the kiddos. Would you mind sharing your address?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear her potassium level improved. The prayers will continue. Love to you all.

The McDonaghs