Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

February Edition

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, February was a rough month for our family.  The kids and I were sick for what seemed like the entire month.  Somehow Mike was able to escape whatever nastiness that we had, Which was great, since I could barely lift my head off the pillow and my fever spiked back up every 4 hours. .  The kids missed a week of school, we passed through Valentine’s Day and our 10 year anniversary.  On the bright side Katy was pretty sick and we even made a trip to the ER, but we escaped without an admission.

We did do lots of napping. 



We did some baking in the Easy Bake Oven



We did some crafts.  Katy loves to stamp…just like her mama!




Did I mention we spent a lot of time in our Jammies?! 

Then we attempted to do a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot…


That was pretty much a fail… except for this one:



Two of our heart friends… go their special gifts this month.  We still wait, but I know the perfect heart for Katy will be here soon. 



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Anonymous said...

I love the last pic of her! Hope everyone is feeling better and getting ready for spring weather! Love to you all.

The McDonaghs